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Tour Lastiver + Zip Line

Tour  Lastiver + Zip Line

1 Day

10.5 USD

Tour Lastiver + Zip Line

One World Tour every Saturday and Sunday organizes 1 day tours to Lastiver

If you are looking for a place cut off from civilization, where at the same time, will be a deep gorge and a virgin forest, a mountain waterfalls and mysterious caves, beautiful cliffs and frosty springs, then you should definitely visit Lastiver. It's all there. Lastiver is located in the north-east of Armenia, Tavush region
3 km away from Yenoqavan village of Ijevan region.
It became more popular in the early 2000s, and so w e invite ecotourism enthusiasts to join our campings to Lastiver.
Description of the Lastiver tour: the length of the hike is two-way 6 km, participants must have 1 day's food, water, clothes and shoes suitable for hiking.

We present you the tour program:

We leave Yerevan at 08:30

1 Lake Srana
2 Sevanavank
3 Lastiver
Return to Yerevan

The price includes:

High quality and comfortable transport
Guide service
Not included in the price: Zipline (Flying Line) - ZipLine costs per person.28 USA :
The entrance fee for Lastiver is 2.5 USA. :

The cost of participation of 1 person is 10,5 USA.

For reservation call:

TEL: +374 41 93 33 63
+374 93 68 32 41