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Tour Aragatsotn

Tour  Aragatsotn

2 Days

35 USD

Tour Aragatsotn

One World Tour every Saturday and Sunday organises tour to Aragatsotn

We present you a 2-day tour program:

Day 1:

We leave Yerevan at 09:00
1 St. Mesrop Mashtots Church in Oshakan
2. Ashtarak
a. St. Karmravor
b. St. Spitakavor
c. St. Tsiranavor
d. St. Marianne
3. Perch Proshyan's house-museum
4. Church Tegheri
5 Aghdzk, tomb of the Arshakuni
6 Amberd
7 Byurakan Observatory
Overnight in Ashtarak

Day 2:

1 Breakfast
2 Mughni St. George's Church
3. Saghmosavank
4. Hovhanavank
5 Ushi St. Sargis Church
6. St. Cross Church in Aparan
7. Park of Stone Letters , Holy Cross and Altar of Hope
Return to Yerevan!

The price includes:

High quality transport
Guide service

The prices of museum tickets are not included in the price.

The cost of one person's participation in a double room is 35 USA.

To reserve a seat, call:

TEL: +374 41 93 33 63:
+374 93 68 32 41: